Our mission is to provide the highest quality of Chinese Herbal Medicine, education and healthcare.
We supply herbal extract powders that are the purest form of medicine – free from any synthetic fillers. 
  • All our herbs are tested for both their purity and safety, ensuring they fully comply with GMP standards.
  • We use authentic Chinese medicinal herbs that are harvested and processed in compliance with the DaoDi concept, ensuring their potency and clinical efficiency.
  • Our herbal extracts are 100% non-sulphur treated and fully comply with UK and EU regulations.
  • Each batch of herbs is issued with a Certification of Analysis and can be traced back to the individual farmers and collecting areas.
  • Entire production process adheres to GMP standards. CONTINUE HERE

Why Helianthus supplies Herbal extract powders and not granules?

Herbal POWDER extracts are:

  • Higher potency compared to herbal granules;
  • Free from any synthetic fillers, such as maltodextrin, spirit and wax, which are used to produce herbal granules;
  • Lower cost.


Helianthus was the RCHM Approved Supplier in 2018 and affiliated with British Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine Association BAHMA.