At Helianthus, we passionately provision safe and effective herbal medicine and the growth of Chinese medicine. 

Our aims are to work with practitioners, general public and regulatory organisations and to grow the reputation of Chinese medicine within Europe and the UK. For effective patient treatment, herbal medicine must be of the correct botanical species and be administered in a safe and effective manner. We are honoured to be one of the few companies in the UK that provide 100% non-sulphur treated herbal powder ranges, with batch to batch analysis certificates which are recognisable and easily accessible.

We proudly announce cooperation with Jory Herbs Ltd, one of the most significant manufacturers of Chinese herbal extracts in Asia. Our strong connection ensures Helianthus provides customers with high-grade produce on a direct sale price, in addition to a comprehensive and professional service.

Our concentrated herbal granules are produced by Jory Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of concentrated herbal extracts in China.

100% authentic DaoDi herbs;

  • NO use of sulphur, pesticides or herbicides;
  • Traditional methods of water decoction to ensure the best quality of the extracts;
  • NO use of cornstarch to absorb moisture;
  • NO use of maltodextrin;
  • Certificates of Analysis available for reference – each batch is analysed for heavy metals, microbiology, pesticides and active ingredients.