Our herbal extracts are 100% non-sulphur treated and fully comply with EU regulations.

Each batch of herbs is issued with a Certification of Analysis that encloses tests for:

  • Heavy metal content (Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Lead)
  • Pesticide residues
  • Microbiological tests: E.Coli, Salmonella, Yeasts and Moulds.

The Certificates of Analysis are available to both practitioners and patients for reference.

Each batch of herbs can be traced back to the individual farmers and collecting areas. The entire production process adheres to GMP standards.

Our concentrated herbal powders are produced by JoryHerb Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of concentrated herbal extracts in China.

100% authentic DaoDi herbs;

  • NO use of sulphur, pesticides or herbicides;
  • Traditional methods of water decoction to ensure the best quality of the extracts;
  • NO use of cornstarch to absorb moisture;
  • NO use of maltodextrin;
  • Certificates of Analysis available for reference.

Content testing:
– HPLC ( High performance liquid chromatography)
– UV (UV-Visible – Spectrophotometer) Double-Wavelength Screener
– Gas chromatography : Pesticide Residue Analysis
– Heavy Metal testing: Atomatic Absorption Spectrophotometer


In order to provide the highest quality herbs to our customers, our suppliers are carefully selected. The herbs are sourced from contracted farmers whose methods fully adhere to the DaoDi concept, developed throughout centuries of Chinese herbal medicine production. DaoDi relates to the quality of medicinal material to the specific geographical regions and cultivation practices and distinguishes botanical varieties of different herbal species. DaoDi medicinal material is identified by distinct taste and appearance and as such, its authenticity and medicinal properties are assured.


Our herbal extract powders are concentrated spray-dried decoctions. In the manufacturing process of extract powders, spray drying allows no fillers to be added to the final product. This ensures the purest form of medicinal material, as well as a higher potency compared to the herbal granules. The concentration ratio of our herbal powders is 5:1.

In our herbal dispensary, we can also produce formulas with ingredients of your choice so that you can easily customise your prescriptions.